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Mastering Internet Lead Generation.

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Mastering Internet Lead Generation!

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This is a 6 part email course designed to teach you the tricks and pitfalls of generating leads on the Internet.
  • How do we reach interested people?
  • What makes a good lead?
  • How do we manage the most common objections?
  • And more!
There are 6 parts.

Chapter 1 - Introduction.
Chapter 2 - Maximizing your current customers, search engines and pay per click.
Chapter 3 - Affiliates, Content Marketing, banners pop-ups and pop-unders.
Chapter 4 - Text ads, pop-in ads, eMail marketing, blogs and trends.
Chapter 5 - Qualifying Leads. Qualifying for situation and money.
Chapter 6 - More qualifying: Desire, decision ability and permission. The conclusion.

All in bite-sized chunks delivered right to your inbox. Messages are delivered every 2 days to make sure that you have enough time to read them.

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