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Web designers and marketers - Would you like to offer custom PHP and MySQL services to your clients?

I've noticed a lot of web designers and Internet Marketers visiting lately and I'm happy to find a way to help you take your business further.

While some of you are PHP or MySQL gurus, many of you aren't. I've had a chance, over the last few months, to visit many of my visitor's sites and find out what they offer... and what they don't.

To help you take your business to the next level I've decided to create an open joint venture project that allows you to resell our services. As you come across clients, odds are... some of them will need programming or database work done.

Well now you can offer these services, either transparently thru your own firm or as a referral. For each client that you pass on you'll earn a 20% commission on the services that they pay for.

As an added incentive, each client you pass on will receive a 10% discount off our quoted price. Lower marketing overhead means lower prices for you and your clients! You'll get excellent customer service, a dedicated professional and high-quality work so you can feel confident about offering these services to your important clients.

Write us for more information.

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