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Marketing services:

Not sure how to market to or reach your customers?

Now quite sure how your customers behave online? We can also provide a market analysis to help determine who buys, when, how much, where, and why. We can help you design and implement a research campaign, build a telemarketing strategy or even plan a media blitz.

Whether you're just looking to connect with a few new clients or establish a steady stream of referrals, we can help you plan a marketing strategy to accomplish your goals. Write us for a free project quote.

Search Engine Marketing - We offer a complete search engine marketing package. We can analyze your site's keywords, build a good page description, configure your meta tags and create SE-friendly layouts and scripts. We can also help you create a cohesive link-building strategy, determine if search engine marekting is right for you, and find out whether PPC (pay-per-click like Adwords and Overture) can help your business.

Most SEO is all about getting high ranks for certain keywords. Take it from us, anyone claiming to guarantee results is lying to you. It's far more important to have an adaptive set of key phrases that you rank highly on than to try to own one or 2 words for the entire life of your site. Keywords will come and go. Our goal is to help you attain a top 10 spot for 5 relevant key phrases... ie: those phrases that your customers are most likely to search for.

We also feature a "top 10 analysis" to find out how, when, and where you can get listed by search engines like Google, Yahoo, Looksmart, AlltheWeb, AltaVista, Inktomi, Open Directory, Teoma, Lycos and Overture. We will also help you to tie these listings and key phrases into your Internet branding initiatives.

Others Marketing Methods:

Joint Venture Marketing - Looking to partner with another business to reduce your cost and increase your marketing? We can help you find other joint venture compatible businesses to share the cost of marketing with you.

Affiliates - Affiliate marketing is a powerful tool, if you do it correctly. But everything has to be planned, from the development of the product line to driving new affiliates into your program all while supporting your current affiliates and their sales. We can help you make these marketing decisions.

Banners and pop windows - While these traditional forms of marketing have become rather ineffective, placed in the right location with the right offer... they can have a profound impact on driving traffic to new locations on your site or marketing competitive products. We have access to one of the largest banner advertising networking in the world and can negotiate an awesome CPM rate for your business.

Text ads - Text ads are an amazingly powerful form of Internet Marketing if done correctly. Let us create and manage your text campaigns and see the results for yourself!

Email Marketing - Need someone to manage or write your creative? Looking to build a responsive, opt-in list? Need to track your results? We've done it before, and can do it again. Ask how!

Write us for your free marketing project quote.

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