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Web Design Services:

Our primary specialty is designing a professional, high-quality, site that looks good and works even better. You may be from a business looking for a strong web presence, you may be looking to expand into the web for e-commerce, you might just be looking to use the web to better communicate with your customers or your employees. Here's just a small list of some types that we can design:

Real Estate designs - List your properties. Build your contacts list. Add some interactivity to your blueprints to develop a community spirit.

Professional businesses - Are you an accountant looking to expand your reach? Are you a dentist looking to connect with new patients? Whatever the circumstances we can design and develop a site that will allow you to expand your marketing efforts, connect with your current clients and help you develop your web community spirit. Everything from your own personal syndicated column to an e-mail or telephone reminder system to reduce missed appointments or a billing system that accepts credit card payments online.

Charities and nonprofits - In the spirit of building a community we offer special rates and comprehensive packages for non-profit organization web designs.

Trade businesses - Construction firm looking to expand your clients? Looking for a way to keep track of your employees better? Let us help you get the web applications and designs that you need!

E-commerce Development - Looking for a way to build a reliable income online? Whether you have the products you want or are shopping for something good... we can help you build your e-business with a full-fledged shopping cart, a reliable payment processing company or merchant account, and setup your product database. And when we're done, we have the marketing services to help you connect with a steady stream of customers.

Template-based designs - On a budget? Looking for high-quality designs at low prices? We can integrate template designs into your site and save you money in the process. Click here for a sample of our current templates.

All of our installations are discounted with the purchase of a web design. There is, however, a 3 page minimum web design requirement. This is to make sure that your looks complete when we're done. Remember, your site reflects our standards... and we take pride in our work.

With each design you also get:

  • Expert Consultation - Get the knowledge you need to succeed on the web.
  • A Free Contact Form - How can you do business if no one can reach you?
  • A Free Domain Name - Need a .com, .net, .biz or other domain?
  • Free First Month Hosting - Your first month is on us!
  • Free Stock Photography - We have a large database of public domain images available.
  • And a Really Friendly Designer (If we do say so ourselves =)).

If you have a question about these services then please feel free to contact us. Keep in mind that a good e-commerce site is going to be more than just a shopping cart and a list of products. You'll need something to attract repeat visitors and word-of-mouth traffic. Rather than trying to determine your costs and budget things yourself we may be willing to help you finance things over a handful of payments. We may also be running special discounts at the time. Either way, we offer a no hassle, no pressure, no obligation free consultation.

Write us for more information.

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