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Can't I just read a book or have a friend or employee do it? Why hire someone?

There are so many people that believe they can 'Do it themselves' only to turn around, a few months later, and realize the mistake it was. It may sound easy but unexpected problems will always come up. And remember, the site itself is just the beginning. HTML is perhaps the easiest computer-based language to learn.

You wouldn't try to wire a house by yourself without proper training, so why, oh why, do people believe that can create a secure, fully-functionaly professional site without proper training or any experience?

Besides, The reason you hire a professional isn't just "to get a website" but to make sure that the entire package is done c orrectly. You need a solid concept and a real purpose behind the site or you're just not getting the biggest "bang for your buck."

You need an attractive layout. You also need to make sure that the entire package has enough functionality to get the job done. Do you plan to update the site weekly with news? Do you need to provide a community for your employees to share project information? What else can your website do for your business?

You need a designer that you can count on to be there if concerns arise. Only a professional has the intuition and experience to get your web presence off the ground and give it a running start to success in order to meet your organization's goals.

A professional designer should:

  • Pay attention to the world of design and graphic arts.
  • Watch for emerging trends and standards to keep your design fresh.
  • Know how to make sites accessible and readable by everyone, not just a small handful that have the latest plug-in or newest browser.
  • Have the knowledge and skill to code custom programs to take your site from a flat page to an interactive user experience.
  • Be aware of new developments in marketing and search engines to keep your site competitive.

Time is money. Can you really afford the cost of staying competitive in each of these areas while trying to stay focused on your own business? Do you really want to be stuck at second best?

You don't have to be. Contact us today and you'll see exactly how affordable a professional designer can be.

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